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One eye to look, one eye to sea- come on this journey and explore the world with me.


"I first met Shanay when she shot a festival that I played at. When I saw the pics she took of me at the festival, I was blown away. As a DJ it's really hard to find action shots of oneself that you actually like. Ones that capture the moments but also make you look good.

I knew from that moment that I wanted to work with this woman again, and we did.

A few months later I booked her to shoot the press photos for my new live act and they are by far my most favorite pictures of all time. Besides the fact that her work is amazing, SHE is amazing, and extremely easy to work with.

She's gentle and down to earth and you immediately feel comfortable in her presence.

She's very flexible and adapts to change with ease. The cherry on top? She's also super professional. Book Her! Now. You won"t regret it."

Tanya Vee, Artist

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