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Transitioning from a small town in Limpopo to the vibrant city of Cape Town at the age of nineteen marked the beginning of my journey. With a dream in my heart and a vision to connect people through visual storytelling, I embarked on what would become the foundation of SEAKRUU.

Entering the industry with no prior experience, formal education, or roadmap was daunting, but it fueled my determination. What started as a mere aspiration blossomed into a thriving career over four years of relentless dedication.

Today, I find myself privileged to have collaborated with numerous esteemed clothing brands, esteemed fashion designers, and renowned music festivals across South Africa. Yet, beyond the accolades, I've gleaned invaluable lessons in perseverance and the significance of relentless effort.

As I traverse this self-taught path, my passion for capturing authentic moments deepens with each passing day. I eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead, eager to continue shaping my narrative through the lens of my camera.


"Working with Shanay(Seakruu) has been amazing!

You simply don't find many people who go above and beyond to both understand and execute your vision.
I have worked with Shanay for all of my brand's product, lifestyle and event shoots.
She continues to impress me with her ability to capture the vision.
I have loved working with her and feel super lucky that I’ve found such an incredible photographer and person to work with."

Meags, UP Wear

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